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Sebastian Forkarth (*1985 in Herdecke, Germany) studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld and the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts, Jerusalem.

Observing national forms of appropriating architecture and urban space and the process of nation building is often limited on the consequences of armed conflicts. On the long run the process of shifting borders and populations in order to create ethnical homogenous spaces is visually widely neglected. In my photographic approach I am abandoning the sphere of day to day politics, Instead I am asking which methods and symbols foster the idea of a nation, how a national memory is constructed and which relationship can be drawn between (re)location and the process of nation building.

Hence I am globally dealing with spaces that represent the features of a distinct national identity or legitimising (re)construct these afterwards. Rather than looking on phenomenons as exclusive regional processes, my work is pointing out similarities of human communities related to general principals of power, control and partisanship.



2017 Take Strict Action Against The House I | II | C28 Gallery, Hannover
2013 Ma‘ale | Die Kassette, Zurich
2011 Are You Barcelona Or Madrid? | Goethe Institute, Ramallah


2017 KR-I (Safe Haven) | Museum of Contemporary Art, Bochum, GER
Take Strict Action Against The House II | Culture Night, Vilnius, LTU
2016 The Girl From The City Of The Giant Buddha | JNU Galery, New Delhi, IND
KR-I (Safe Haven) | ‘Chennai Photo Bienale’, Chennai, IND
Take Strict Action Against The House | ‘Chennai Photo Bienale’, Chennai
2015 KR-I (Safe Haven) | ‘Delhi Photo Festival 2015’, New Delhi, IND
Are You Barcelona Or Madrid? | „Territories“, DASA Dortmund, GER
2014 The Color In Architecture | La Chambre, Strasburg, FR
Are You Barcelona Or Madrid? | Alte Stadtbibliothek, Bielefeld, GER
2013 Ma‘ale | ‘Le Bal’, Paris, FR
Westsidefilde | ‘Concrete Poetry’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bochum
2012 The Jewish Engagement in Photography, Felix Nussbaum Haus, Osnabrück Ma‘ale |
‘And Next Year In Jerusalem, Bielefeld, GER
Are you Barcelona or Madrid? | Bookfair Leipzig, GER


2020 Artist Stipend from the 'Ministry of Culture and Sience' North Rhine-Westphalia, GER
2017 Ruhrresidence 2017 stipend for KR-I (Safe Haven), GER
2014 Best Portfolio Award at Deichtorhallen Museum, Hamburg, GER
The Color In Architecture | Special nomination ‘Archifoto’, Strasburg, FR
2013 Bridges-Projects Photoaward, GER
2012 Shortlist ‘Unpublished Dummy Award’, Amsterdam, NL
Shortlist ‘Archifoto’, Strasburg, FR


2018 Take Strict Action Against The House | Builder Verlag
2012 Ma’ale | Self Published
2010 Are You Barcelona Or Madrid? | Self Published


2017 Guest lecture at Ruhrakademie Schwerte, GER
2017 Workshop ‘Memories’ at Ecole Intuit.lab for Focus Photo Festival, Mumbai
2016 Artist Talk at JNU SAA Gallery New Delhi, IND
Artist Talk ‘Photography and the city’, University of Hildesheim GER
Guest lecture at Ecole Intuit.lab Mumbai
2014 Guest lecture at Bezalel Academy Jerusalem